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The Four C's

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Medicare is quite simply health insurance for anyone over the age of 65. There can be some mistakes made when choosing a health insurance policy. With the guidance of our licensed professionals, these mistakes can easily be avoided. Choosing a Medicare plan does not have to be a difficult decision for the person purchasing the policy. While it is an important decision, we are here to help you with your medical needs. Your Medicare plan will help you for years to come, so you want to make friends with it and make an informed decision.

Medicare Open Enrollment Period (or OEP) is October 15th through December 7th every year. During this time, you can reevaluate your plan and we can help modify what you have to fit your medical needs a little better.There are four things we can look at to ensure you’re getting the best medical plan. We call these “The Four C’s”; Coverage, Cost, Convenience and Customer Service.

1. Coverage: Some of these options are very important to our customers. You may want to keep the same doctor or get a prescription drug plan that is more affordable. Maybe you require a specific treatment or transportation or meal assistance. These are things we can evaluate to get the coverage you desire.

2. Cost: Some of these options may be different than in years prior for our customers. Maybe their financial circumstances have changed, maybe the out-of-pocket cost was more expensive than was originally planned. These are things that a person will want to look at before they make a purchase of a policy.

3. Convenience: Some physicians need to be accessible to our customers for various reasons. Perhaps one cannot drive themselves due to hauling medical equipment such as oxygen or a wheelchair. It’s important to ensure doctors or hospitals are “in-network” so a person may avoid higher medical fees. You need a medical plan that suits your lifestyle. For example, sometimes people travel for a long amount of time. Prescription drugs are something to consider in this category because you may need to have access to them while traveling. These are important decisions that can be included in Medicare policies.

4. Customer Service: Here at SWITCH Insurance, we strive to be accessible to our customers. With our knowledge we can answer any of your questions to appease any headache you may have (pun intended).

So contact us today to see if you are on the best Medicare policy for you!


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